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General Intermediates Announces Nucleoside Breakthrough

July 16, 2015

General Intermediates Canada announced today that they have perfected work on the production of Ultra-Pure Nucleosides for use in the pharmaceutical and high-tech sensor industries. ...

General Intermediates of Canada Sold to Local Alberta Investors

July 13, 2015

General Intermediates of Canada, a little known pharmaceutical manufacturer headquartered in Edmonton, has been sold to a group of local private investors. The transaction was completed in December 2014, ...

After 34 years in biotech there’s new life for General Intermediates

June 17, 2015

There is a certain image we tend to have for a biotech company. Usually the picture includes the latest high tech, hustling sales people, a large scientific team, and a big marketing plan. Alan Danroth and Glenn Weagle of ...