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General Intermediates Reveals New Cyclization Technique for Production of Pharmaceuticals

Edmonton’s GIC Develops Cyclization Process for Manufacture of Purer, Cheaper Pharmaceuticals

May 29, 2016

Edmonton’s General Intermediates of Canada Inc. announced today that they have pioneered a process for simplifying the production of pharmaceuticals.

“This proprietary synthesis methodology addresses the age old question faced by any manufacturer, which is can you do it better, cheaper, faster? The answer today is a resounding yes,” said GIC spokesman Allan Danroth.

GIC is now able to produce molecules for the pharmaceutical industry where all of the chemical substitutions are done before the outer molecular ring is formed (a process called cyclization), saving time and money and generating a product of higher quality.

“Linear ketones are intermediates that are used to make pharmaceuticals,” said Dr. Glenn Weagle. “Typically, these linear ketones are expensive and difficult to manipulate for substitutions and thus not used in cyclization reactions. GIC is now able to produce unique halogenated ketones where the substitutions are positioned in the right spot prior to cyclization, meaning the more difficult post-cyclization substitutions are no longer necessary.”

Dr. Weagle went on to say, “Normally, the substitutions done during manufacturing result in mixtures that need to be purified post-production. This purification and separation process is time-consuming, expensive, requires solvents and generates waste. This step is no longer required when using the GIC method.”

In addition to bringing their specialized ketones to market, GIC intends to explore licensing options for this proprietary process with some of their larger customers.

Since being sold in late 2014, GIC has undergone an intensive review of their business, resulting in a series of press releases. “We’ve done a lot of work to review the research files at GIC. There has been some really unique and novel work done over the last 30-plus years that has yet to be fully commercialized. It’s our intent to bring the proprietary elements of our business to market as quickly as we can, either on our own or through various licensing and joint venture arrangements,” said Danroth.

About General Intermediates of Canada Inc.: GIC is a specialized provider of small molecules to the pharmaceutical industry. The company’s main business is the research and production of unique organic bio-molecules. The intermediates synthesized by GIC are precursors for pharmaceuticals used for MS, Parkinson disease, asthmatics, anti-virals, and chemotherapeutics.

About Pharmaceutical Intermediates: A pharmaceutical intermediate is a compound that is formed in a stage between the parent substance and the final pharmaceutical compound. It is a “stepping stone” in the synthesis of the final product.

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