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General Intermediates Announces Ability to Produce Bio-Safe, Bio-Molecules for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Edmonton’s GIC Develops Process for Manufacture of Bio-Safe, Bio-Molecules for the Pharmaceutical Industry

May 29, 2016

Edmonton’s General Intermediates of Canada Inc. announced today that they have developed a unique process for making specialized bio-molecules for pharmaceutical fermenters, producing them in a certified, bio-safe manner.

These biomolecules are tested against the most stringent industry criteria such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) endotoxin and colony forming test methods.

“What makes this interesting is in the case of something like deoxy-ribose,” said GIC’s Dr. Glenn Weagle. “Deoxy-ribose is the backbone of DNA. It is readily available in the marketplace but not as a bio-safe product. By producing things like deoxy-ribose and ultra-pure nucleosides in a bio-safe manner, these products can be used as substrates in pharmaceutical fermenters.

In layman terms, the fermenters produce engineered anti-bodies and specialized pharmaceuticals. The bio-safe products we are making are essentially the food or building blocks for the engineered microbes in the fermenters and – as such -purity is essential to the well being of the fermenters.”

This is another key step in the evolution of GIC,” said GIC CEO Allan Danroth. “We have taken the small molecule expertise of and have married it to classical bio-safe techniques. The result is the ability to produce highly specialized small molecules unique to GIC like ultra-pure nucleosides in a bio-safe fashion with ultra-low endotoxin and ultra-low colony-forming units.”

About General Intermediates of Canada Inc.: GIC is a specialized provider of small molecules to the pharmaceutical industry. The company’s main business is the research and production of unique organic bio-molecules. The intermediates synthesized by GIC are precursors for pharmaceuticals used in drugs for MS, Parkinson’s disease, asthmatics, anti-virals, and chemotherapeutics. GIC’s small molecule expertise includes ultra-pure nucleosides and other purines and pyrimidines.

About Pharmaceutical Intermediates: A pharmaceutical intermediate is a compound that is formed in a stage between the parent substance and the final pharmaceutical compound. It is a “stepping stone” in the synthesis of the final product.

About Pharmaceutical Fermentation: Fermentation is widely used within the pharmaceutical industry. It requires the cultivation in submerged culture of an identified micro-organism (mainly bacterial) as a monoculture under defined environmental conditions. The incubation regime imposed is designed to maximize the productivity of the organism of interest by providing optimal conditions for population growth (biomass). The product of interest might be a bioactive metabolite or recombinant protein.

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